Joseph Williams in Primary Election for Tennessee House District 56

Constitutional Lawyer, Educator, and Small Business Owner Will Safeguard the Rights of All Tennesseans to Participate in Democracy

NASHVILLE, TENN. – The Tennesseans for Sensible Election Laws PAC endorsed First Amendment lawyer, educator, and small business owner Joseph Williams today in his bid for Tennessee House District 56. The seat was vacated by former Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell, who is instead seeking the office of Governor of Tennessee this year.

“The quality, candor, and thoughtfulness of Mr. Williams’ responses to our Candidate Survey far surpassed any candidate whose views on election law and campaign finance we have sought,” said TSEL PAC Treasurer George Scoville. “There is nothing more sacrosanct in civil society than to be able to support and vote for the people who will have power to control so many aspects of our lives, and we are supremely confident that Mr. Williams has not only internalized this bedrock principle of our politics, but that he will work diligently to protect Tennesseans in our electoral process from unreasonable interference from the State of Tennessee.”

Mr. Williams, a Republican, faces Green Hills surgeon Dr. Brent Moody in a primary election on August 2. The winner will face Democrat Bob Freeman in the general election on November 6.