TSEL Endorses Steve Dickerson for 20th Senate District

NASHVILLE — Today, the Tennesseans for Sensible Election Laws PAC endorsed Tennessee Senator Steven Dickerson for re-election to the seat representing the 20th district.

“Senator Dickerson’s commitment to increasing voter turnout and political participation reflects a shared commitment to TSEL’s values,” said TSEL Executive Director and Treasurer George Scoville.  “Nowhere was this commitment more evident this cycle than when Senator Dickerson took a stand against his Republican colleagues in the state senate and voted against SB 8005, a bill that made protesting on public property a felony, which was regrettably passed and signed into law by Governor Bill Lee, bringing shame to the Volunteer State in the national media.  People should not be jailed for a year or more for speaking out about important issues of public concern, much less for doing so on property that they paid for.”

In 2019, Senator Dickerson opposed SB 971, legislation that made it harder for civic organizations to conduct voter registration drives by imposing criminal penalties for failing to jump through arbitrary hoops.  That law has been challenged in federal court, and suit is currently pending in the U.S. District Court in Nashville.

Senator Dickerson faces Democrat and Oak Hill Mayor Heidi Campbell in the general election on November 3, 2020.  Ms. Campbell appears to take no position on issues of importance to TSEL members.